I Know Nothing

Dear Twenty Somethings,

Last Monday, I got to see the one and only queen herself in concert and let me tell you, I laughed, I cried, and I danced my ass off for the whole duration. But the most important thing: I walked away feeling more empowered than I've ever felt in my entire life. Not only does Kesha put on one hell of a show, but she makes you feel like no matter how shitty things are in your life, you can make it through.

I touched on my past relationship a bit in my introductory post and how I've been on this journey of trying to find myself again since then. While I'm a firm believer that you cannot count on others to heal you, I am also a firm believer on receiving help. For me, that came in the form of my roommates, my family, and music.

I danced from the age of three all throughout high school. Because of this, music has always been a huge part of my life and has been a way to not only express my feelings but a way to make myself feel better.

Kesha's Rainbow album was highly anticipated after her very public sexual abuse case against Dr. Luke. When it came out towards the end of summer I, like many others out there, had it on an endless loop for weeks.

This album made me feel empowered for the first time in a long time. Rainbow taught me that even though I'm still a work in progress I can't forget how far I've come. Hymn made me feel like I had a song that was written just for me. Learn To Let Go helped me realize that I can't hold onto the past because it only makes your outlook on life bleak and the monologue in Spaceship helped me remember that no matter how awful your life seems to be going at the moment, in the end, there's something good waiting for us.

It was at this concert that I realized how far I had come on my journey of finding myself and I broke out into tears. It's been a long, not always positive ride, but I've learned to accept myself and love myself once more. Yeah, I still have days where my makeup doesn't look the best or I'm bloated and feel like nothing in my closet fits, and everything seems to just be piling on one after another, but those days are farther apart and less frequent now because I've changed my outlook from "Wow, this is the worst day ever." to "Okay, some crappy things have happened, but let's look at all the good that occurred today."

Whether you're a Kesha fan or not, it's important that during your journey of falling in love with yourself again to find something that keeps you going, something that inspires you, and something that keeps you motivated even on your worst days.

In the wise words of the queen herself, "And I know that I'm still fucked up, but aren't we all, my love? Darling, our scars make us who we are."

With all my love,